War Drum

War Drum – the creative inspiration of Jack Kohler and Ehran Groban. A psychedelic rock band that combines the retro sounds of the 60’s with the electric sounds of hard rock. Equal parts of viby guitar work and textural keyboards provide a canvas for Kohler’s imaginative vocals.  The band was founded in 2011 adding  Peter Leighton on drums and Robbie Waldman (Waxy) on bass. The band has recorded 2 full length albums at the renowned Thunder Underground Recording Studio in Palm Springs under the direction of Harper Hug and Trevor Whatever.  “At Trails End”, “Fortune Finder”  and “Risk Taker” were self released. The 3rd album was picked up by Small Stone Records.  “Risk Taker” features guest artists Robbie Krieger (The Doors) and Jesika von Rabbit.