Vic du Monte’s Persona Non Grata

Vic du Monte’s Persona Non Grata – Founded in 2005 by the first bass player in a series of greats that played for seminal stoner rock band, Kyuss. In ’89 Chris Cockrell appeared on the (Sons of) Kyuss demo and first EP. From there he played guitar and lead vocals for heavy stoner rock band Solarfeast and recorded “Gossamer” on Brant Bjork’s label, El Rancho Records. He began playing under the moniker Vic du Monte in 2005 calling the band Idiot Prayer and released “Prey for the City” on Cargo records in 2005. By the end of the year he changed the band name to Persona Non Grata joining forces with guitarist, Sorgon Dooman, drummer Alfredo Hernandez (QOTSA), and British bass player, James Childs, formerly with Black On Sunshine am LA punk band featuring Bad Religion drummer, Peter Firestone.  The band released their self titled debut CD on Cargo Records and began touring in Europe extensively. Vic & PNG play whiskey soaked punk, with an heir of refinement. Just to the left of surf punk, the reverberated guitar drenched in wet -tremelo describes the feel of the  nu-west inherent of the desert. Cockrell’s tawdry lyrics and deep somber vocals are all part of the Vic du Monte “persona”. Chris relocated to Germany several years ago. Alfredo is still an active member of the band and they have released several full length records including “Autoblond” (Cobraside-2009), “Barons & Bankers” (2010 – Go Down), and “Peace” (2013 – Go Down).