A Trip to the Desert – Interview with filmmaker Jörg Steineck.

February 16, 2017 | Valerie Blais, Zero Authority

It all started when a 14-year-old German teenager discovered Kyuss. The heavy riffs of the Californian band opened the doors to a new type of music for the young man, and they were also the beginning of a journey into stoner rock. To the him, the heaviness of Kyuss became inseparable from the exotic and warm California desert. This journey would bring him to the desert, and years later, he would bring that desert to the big screen.

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“This is quite simply the best documentary on the California music scene that has ever been made, in fact it’s a strong contender for one of the best music documentaries ever. Indeed, even if you have only a passing interest in Californian stoner rock, you should still watch this, because it’s a fascinating and wonderfully crafted insight into a stifling microcosm that most of us will never experience.”

“In its pace, balance, editing and the clear passion as its driving force, Lo Sound Desert holds a mirror up to one of rock’s most crucial movements of the last 30 years and allows it to speak for itself at last, unfiltered and as raw as a speaker cone with sand blown in it.”

“Lo Sound Desert may have been some 10 years in the making but this love letter documentary is absolutely worth every minute of the wait and may just be as definite a look at the subject as it gets.”

“A multilayered, illuminative and very amusing documentary about the genre and the beginnings (of desert rock).”

“Jörg Steineck’s film is the long overdue portait of the Californian desert scene. This very passionate documentary turns its “alleged flaw” (absense of Kyuss music) easily into a real benefit.”

“This is a seminal piece of film that captures a tantalizing slice of what it was like to be in California when the desert rock genre was forged and impressed into the vinyls of history.”

“After watching Lo Sound Desert, it felt as if I had just witnessed the inner workings of a secluded culture; a musical culture unto itself, if you will. The black and white footage, the grainy look and feel of the movie, the evocative shots of the desert, and the music itself work wonders for the mood and atmosphere of the film. (…) I almost felt like a voyeur in places while watching this, almost as if I was seeing something that was too intimate, and I think that says it all regarding the quality of Steineck’s movie. This is the ultimate film about California’s unique desert rock scene. It is as simple as that.”

“(Lo Sound Desert) is the definitive desert rock guide told through loads of archive video footage and fotos. But more than that its a deep and intimate look into the passion, excitement and hearts of the pioneering youth of isolated desert communities who may have started as small town teenage punk rebels, but in some cases rose to become musical icons of an era. Unmissable.”

“Lo Sound Desert: Two Chapters on Rock Music by German illustrator, painter and filmmaker Jörg Steineck (…) – a meandering long term project completely produced in the same do-it-yourself-mentality of his subject, including coarse-grained shots and lovingly crafted animations.”

“This is perhaps the most important film of the Desert/Stoner Rock scene. If people need educating on how the Desert/Stoner Rock scene evolved then they should watch this film.”

“This documentary is not just a must for fans – lovers of good music documentaries in general better do not miss ‘Lo Sound Desert’.”

“The film is visually perfectly staged. Fast cuts, perfect sound, smooth camera pannings (…) keep the quality level of the general narration pretty high. You get a very extensive, detailed and intimate impression about how punk rock emerged in the Californian desert, and how it evolved with different musical approaches into an individual style until today.”

“Steineck’s documentary lives of its authenticity. There’s no whitewashing – and sometimes you get the feeling you breath desert dust.”

“wow so good so cool thanks for this rad film !!!! Ralf Schultheis
“got mine in letterbox this morning (Ireland) – just watched it – “solid gold” ???” John
“We loved this movie (not just because we made it in a scene for a second) and learned a bit more about this desert music scene we dig so much. The production was creative/artistic and funny. A must see for music fans!” Eric Clemens
“Loved it!” Rocksanne
“Awesome! The perfect (desert) storm of info, entertainment, fun and cheek on a high artistic level. Goes right into my top movies of 2016 list. Thanx man! We’re about to watch it the 3rd time tonight. Looking forward” Miek
“Best rock documentary I’ve seen in a long time. Great job!” Boomer Jones
Comments after the Sneak Preview (The Hood in Palm Desert, January 2015)

Mario Lalli (pioneer of desert rock music, Fatso Jetson) “Lo Sound Desert absolutely blew EVERYONE away !!!!! (After the preview screening in Palm Desert) I had so many people tell me how moved and inspired they were by the film. (…) Its amazing, I am so proud to be part of it. Every person in that room was captivated and grateful. I saw people from over 30 years! (…) People laughing, cheering, emotional… more than any film maker could hope for. (…) People were in tears… including myself. Congratulations on a great piece of work.” Author Steve Reiman (The Searching Three) “I was fortunate enough to be able to attend  the premiere of the Lo Sound Desert documentary at The Hood Bar and Pizza in late January. I had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for this film to come out and I had pretty high expectations. That film exceeded them all. I myself, grew up in the desert and have been going to shows and supporting local musicians and artists for years. Joerg did a great thing in documenting the infamous and legendary Desert Rock scene and all of us desert locals truly appreciate it.”
David Ayers (Ayers Guitar Co) “As a movie this was an ambitious project. It covered a large chunk of time and included a huge number of bands and people. I would’ve believed it to be too ambitious, but the end product was a very insightful and artistic expression of a remarkable happening (…).”
Damian Lautiero (guitar player/ bassist for Waxy) “I want to give a huge thanks to  “Jorge” Joerg Steineck for making such an incredible film, Mario Lalli, Jack Kohler and The Hood for putting together an amazing event… (the desert is) a magical place we hail from and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”
Robin Linn (Desert Rock Music Journalist) “Lo Sound Desert is a magical looking glass into an underground art scene that also reflects Steineck’s unique artistic ability as a film maker. If music fans dug Dave Grohl’s HBO series “Sonic Highways, they will embrace “Lo Sound Desert”. I predict a huge cult favorite.”